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3D2ZK history

We all remember the exciting news about the new Amateur Radio YL operator Joanna joining the Rebel DX Group and planning activity from Fiji.

We greatly appreciate any YL coming to Amateur Radio and were very happy with the news, especially considering the exotic DX location of the station.

This clearly is a puppet operation planned and executed by Dominic Grzyb 3Z9DX to generate more OQRS income by using the YL operator. With Fiji being at 152nd DXCC Most Wanted, you have to be creative to generate demand. Who wouldn’t run for contact with a beautiful young lady and didn’t spare a buck along?

Joanna's photo on Rebel DX Facebook page
Joanna operating from the Rebel's catamaran


First doubts were voiced by US Hams, who noticed that the freshly posted pictures show the inside of the vessel radio station installation. One can immediately notice a catwalk right behind the operator, shaded boat windows, and other vessel-related installations.

Following the reasonable question on the forum 3Z9DX aggressively replied and specifically mentioned that the “antenna is on the shore”. That alone raised much more questions and we decided to take an action.

We hired a local Fiji Private Investigator to visit the claimed to be 3D2ZK’s “Naisoso Residence” and take some photos of the antenna installation.

Rebel catamaran

Our PI went to the alleged operation site in Nasoiso Island and found absolutely no presence of any Amateur Radio activity! Better yet, they went to the Denarau Marina, where newly purchased by 3Z9DX “Rebel” catamaran is located, and found that actual antennas were in fact installed onboard the vessel! Boat door was open, bedsheets and clothes drying outside.

One particular antenna was sloping from the catamaran’s mast to the deck with the coaxial cable running to the yacht! They even located the manufacturer of that antenna – HyEndFed antenna from Holland (multi-band 40-20-10m).

The rest of the antennas were verticals, attached to the guardrails on the catamaran. There is no doubt, that the operation is actually happening from the vessel itself and therefore does not count to be credited for DXCC awards.


3D2ZK deck antenna sloping from catamaran's mast
This "house" picture with vertical antennas was sent to ARRL

“land operation”

While having the antennas on the catamaran could not be the evidence of maritime mobile operation all by itself, to our surprise, the Rebel DX Group Facebook account posted “home” operation pictures on May 9th.

There were three verticals attached to the porch and Joanna as proof of the land-based operation. There were also several pictures with Joanna sitting next to the table inside the “house”.

Rebel’s Facebook page was insisting on operation location as “home in Fiji”, “no traveling allowed”, “only food or pharmacy”, and funny comments on “laundry clips”, although they are absolutely useless for antenna purposes.


staged photoshoot

It did not take too much time to locate the alleged “house” for the 3D2ZK operation.

Claimed to be very distant from the Rebel catamaran, the “house” is actually much closer than one thinks. 100 meters to be exact.


Very same "house" appears to be a Denarau Yacht Club
100 meters far from the Rebel's catamaran

Denarau yacht club

The “house” of 3D2ZK in fact is the Denarau Yacht Club building! The building is not used at the moment and all rooms are closed. Based on the information provided by the employers in Denarau the pictures were taken for magazine publishing purposes on May 8. The entire installation was staged and disassembled later that very same night.

As far as we know, there were several pictures done. The only difference in those pictures is the color of Joanna’s t-shirts, the position of the window shades, bandpass filters location on the left corner, and absolutely zero food or personal items anywhere in the room.

We thought that after about two weeks of 3D2ZK activity they might actually go ashore to operate from the Denarau Yacht Club building.

Back on catamaran!

Little did we know about how far would 3Z9DX go with his fraud.

This is the very same building of Denarau Yacht Club made on May 11, 2021. Three days after a very new Amateur Radio operator was shot in the room of the “house” with all the equipment “up and running”.

We didn’t notice any antennas, rooms are closed and empty. Once a very active ham station vanished!

All antennas vanished without interrupting the operation!
Arrow is on Denarau Yacht Club while the antenna is right in front


Noticed the “house”? – Denarau Yacht Club, right behind the Rebel Catamaran, with the antenna in front of the picture, sloping down from the vessel mast.

Still, think it is a land-based operation?

Once a “very new” YL Amateur Radio operator, very active and 20,776 QSOs later, still milking fellow colleagues out of their money to support their liveaboard in Fiji.

She could’ve been a real deal, she could’ve been a very respected Amateur Radio operator, traveling the World and making a lot of OM very happy with the new ones, but unfortunately, she met a real crook on the way.

The only hope is that he will not ruin an Amateur Radio future for Joanna, as he did for himself.

We are very pleased to see, that the very same operator is joining the 3Y0I “land-based” future operation.

There is more?!!

We noticed that Joanna’s 3Z9JK license, which was used to apply for a 3D2ZK callsign has a very strange number. That number, nor the 3Z9JK callsign was  traceable through the online system with the Polish Office of Electronic Communications

It was very strange to see the number 7618/I/L/2020 because the licenses in Poland went to different numbering procedures back in 2018, and now looks like DC.WML.510.NNN.YYYY.2 data string. Also, the signature of the officer, who issued the “license” was in Lodz, which is out of jurisdiction, because Joanna’s address is in Sucha Beskidzka so we wrote them a letter…

3Z9JK license forged

…and we got the answer from the Head of Unit of Maritime, Aeronautical and Amateur Radiocommunication Unit within the Department of Radio Spectrum of Poland.

3Z9JK license is forged.

We thought Jaglelonica Law University graduates should know better about the consequences of such activities.

So, now what?!

With 3Z9JK Amateur Radio (First class) license being fake, Fijian Telecom reviews the application for a Fijian license as fraudulent and now seriously considers the total withdrawal of the 3D2ZK license.

Rebel catamaran on May 11th doesn't look abandoned
This image is intended for the distance comparison only


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